About Lisa

Integrative Health Coach

Does this sound familiar? I was pregnant with my second child and working in the deadline-driven advertising world. Although I left the office at 5:30, my work day was far from over. I’d race to pick up my son at daycare by 6, often finding he was the last one there. He’d be cranky from a long day without a nap and I’d rush home to give him dinner. I’d sit with him while he ate, my laptop open on the kitchen table so I could catch up from where I left off at work. I still cringe thinking about those evenings. There wasn’t a moment of quality time and I felt like I was failing in my work and in my parenting.

When my daughter was born, the agency I worked for filed for bankruptcy and closed immediately. It was a sign — a large, neon sign. It was time to make a change. I was fast approaching 40 and wanted to do work that made a difference in someone else’s life. And I also wanted to enjoy my own life more! I felt like I was a cliche, navigating the waters of a mid-life crisis. I decided to take the next step and enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s program for Holistic Health Coaching.

My interest in wellness started in college, although I was far from healthy. I focused on calories alone, eating low calorie and fat free foods that were full of preservatives, chemicals and sugar substitutes. Somehow I didn’t think guzzling cheap beer or suppressing my appetite with cigarettes was a problem. Fortunately, I evolved and learned about the power of whole foods, proper exercise and finding balance in life. After I entered adulthood, I started to understand the power of stress; jobs, kids, homes, aging parents, bills — fill in the blank for whatever is sitting on your shoulders right now. Stress affects every part of life regardless of age.

I have the tools to help you change the areas in your life that need adjustment. Whether it’s your diet, relationships, career, creative outlets, finances — there is so much that makes up our well-being.

Let me help you get a handle on your stress. After all, we know life isn’t a dress rehearsal. We can’t rewind or fast forward. But we can hit pause, take a breath and figure out our journey with our best food forward.

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